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When it comes to yarn, there are many different fibers and fiber combinations that provide the warmest, softest or fluffiest yarn you can either knit or crochet with. Yarns have different properties depending on the fiber composition of the yarn. Some yarns consist of just one fiber, while others are a combination of several different fiber types, each of which contributes something to the yarn, resulting in a beautiful yarn that has multiple functions.

Some fibers are well-known classics that can be found in several yarn qualities such as wool, mohair, alpaca, cotton, polyamide, etc. But there are also other, perhaps more unknown fibers that have great properties when used in yarn - either alone or in combination with other fibers.

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An example of another fiber that is emerging is Lyocell. Lyocell could well be one of the fibers that we could see much more in the future. 

Lyocell fibers are made from organic wood fibers from particularly eucalyptus trees, which are a very fast-growing tree. The wood fibers are transformed into long fibers, which are subsequently spun into a soft and durable yarn. 

In addition to that, the production of lyocell fibers happens in a very gentle and environmentally friendly process and in a closed production circuit, where the vast majority of the production materials can be recycled, which is of great benefit to the environment. 

As an added bonus, lyocell fibers have some really good qualities when spun. Lyocell is breathable and slightly cooling, and yarn with lyocell is therefore a good all year around yarn, which is also very suitable for summer clothing. It is moisture absorbing and also dries quickly again. 

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