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Knitted dresses for women

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Crocheted and knitted dresses are often overlooked in favor of sweaters and blouses, which is a shame. Therefore, we hope that you might be inspired to knit or crochet one of our beautiful and feminine dresses. All the patterns are free, and you can download them freely. They are designed with Mayflower yarn, which can be purchased from one of our many retailers located throughout Denmark.

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For parties and everyday wear

If you own a handmade dress, you will often find that it attracts a lot of admiration – both from people who crochet or knit themselves, but also from those who don't know much about crafts.

A knitted or crocheted dress can be wonderfully comfortable to wear, especially to work. For example, if it's made from wool yarn, you'll definitely stay warm, which is advantageous if you work in an office that tends to be cool.

Most of our dresses are also suitable for all occasions and can easily be dressed up for parties. If you combine a crocheted or knitted dress with high heels, jewelry, and possibly other accessories, you're ready for a party.

Choice of yarn for dresses

Your choice of yarn is incredibly important for the finished result when making your own dress. Wool yarn is incredibly luxurious, but you certainly don't want to wear a thick wool dress on a summer day, as wool is also incredibly warm.

If you want to make a winter dress, using wool yarn is ideal, but for a summer dress, we always recommend using cotton, which is much cooler than wool. Alternatively, you can also choose a blend of wool and cotton if you want the best of both materials, allowing you to wear the dress all year round.

All our patterns for crocheted and knitted dresses come with yarn recommendations. You'll achieve the best result by following these recommendations and choosing yarn from Mayflower. Our yarn is available from retailers nationwide, offering high-quality yarn at a good price.

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