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Knitted baby sweaters and shirts

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It's incredibly cozy to knit or crochet baby clothes, and nothing is more classic than making a knitted sweater in miniature. Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so a warm sweater can be incredibly valuable for the little ones on cold days of the year. If you choose to knit a baby sweater in wool yarn, you can be sure that the sweater will be wonderfully warm.

Knitted and crocheted sweaters for babies are generally in high demand, and warmth and softness are just some of the benefits of homemade sweaters. Knitted and crocheted baby clothing is also practical because it provides good mobility for the little one, as yarn is a highly stretchable material.

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Wool Yarn that doesn't itch, for baby clothes

One can easily feel apprehensive about using wool yarn for baby clothes, and you may have experienced a scratchy sweater yourself. However, your concern is completely unfounded, as wool does not itch if the quality is good.

Here at Mayflower, we have a wide range of high-quality wool yarns that are perfect for baby clothes. Mayflower Easy Care is one of our most popular yarn qualities in the wool category. It is naturally soft and warm, but in addition, this yarn quality can also be machine washed, even though it is 100% wool. This is often an overlooked quality, yet incredibly useful. Few new parents want to hand wash large amounts of baby clothes. Baby clothes need regular washing, so do yourself or the recipient a favor and choose a yarn quality that can be machine washed.

Find the Right Pattern at Mayflower

We always strive to provide a broad and exciting range of different knitting and crochet patterns, and therefore, we naturally also have plenty of exciting patterns for baby clothes. Many of the patterns can be used for both boys and girls, and you can customize them further by choosing your own colors.

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