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Knitted cardigans for kids

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It's incredibly popular to crochet or knit clothing for children, and therefore we naturally have patterns for crocheted or knitted cardigans for children in our wide range of free patterns, which you can freely download.

Many feel that it's more enjoyable to make clothing for children than for adults. This is partly because children's clothing is smaller in size, making it quicker to make, but also because it often involves more colors and fun patterns.

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Knitted cardigan for a child with sensitive skin

Many children have sensitive skin, so it's not uncommon for them to find wool scratchy. Often, you can avoid this discomfort by choosing high-quality wool yarn such as Mayflower Easy Care, which we highly recommend for both children and babies.

If you have a child with sensitive skin, a cardigan can be an excellent alternative to a more traditional knitted sweater. A knitted sweater often has direct contact with the child's skin, whereas you can easily layer a shirt underneath a cardigan to prevent direct contact with the yarn.

In short, it's terribly disappointing to spend time knitting a sweater that won't be worn, so opt for a cardigan if you have experience that your child has sensitive skin.

Tips for getting the right size cardigan

It can be challenging to get the right size for knitted or crocheted cardigans, especially when making clothes for children. Children grow quickly, and if you're not careful, you may find that a cardigan is already too small when completed. Therefore, it's always a good idea to make the cardigan at least one size larger than the child.

When knitting or crocheting a cardigan for a child, make sure to maintain gauge. This means you should consider making a gauge swatch to ensure the size is correct. Gauge is crucial for fit, so don't overlook this element.

Lastly, you may also consider adding a bit of extra length to the sleeves of the cardigan so it can fit the child for a longer period. This is especially useful for a long or mid-length cardigan, as it will take longer for the cardigan's length to become too short.

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