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Knitted hats and beanies

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A good hat is indispensable when the cold of winter sets in. Of course, you can choose to buy a hat – but you'll achieve truly fantastic results when you opt to knit or crochet one yourself. With a homemade hat, you can choose the shape and color entirely on your own. There are very few limitations, and the quality will also be higher. Suddenly, you're no longer restricted by the supermarket's selection; you can also choose to create the most beautiful hats in merino wool, alpaca, or mohair. In short – you can select all the best luxury fibers! Another bonus of homemade hats is that it's easy to make accessories to match. With a bit of extra yarn, you also have the opportunity to create a matching scarf, shawl, or gloves.

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Choosing the right yarn for your hat

A hat should, of course, be wonderfully warm, but warmth alone isn't enough if it's uncomfortable to wear. When you're out for a winter walk, you might start off feeling cold, but as you warm up along the way, the hat can become uncomfortable if it doesn't breathe well. That's why breathability is a crucial factor for comfort – and there are some important considerations here.

Generally, organic fibers like wool, mohair, and alpaca are known for their excellent breathability and thus provide great comfort. Therefore, these types of yarn are excellent choices for a knitted or crocheted hat, offering delightful comfort.

Wool hats

You may have bad memories of scratchy wool hats from your childhood, but high-quality wool has finer fibers and is therefore softer. So, don't let past experiences deter you; you should be able to create the most luxurious hat with wool yarn.

Alpaca or mohair hats

Unfortunately, a few people may find that wool can itch – even if it initially feels wonderfully soft. This isn't the wool's fault but rather a sign of allergy to lanolin, naturally present in wool. If you suspect you belong to this group, consider alpaca wool or mohair. These fibers are even warmer than sheep's wool and do not contain lanolin.

Acrylic hats

The finaloption is acrylic yarn, especially suitable if you want to avoid animal fibers. High-quality acrylic yarn can also be incredibly comfortable. Among older generations, acrylic yarn generally has a reputation for lacking breathability, but modern acrylic yarn has come a long way. Today, acrylic yarn can provide delightful comfort – it's also cost-effective and incredibly easy to maintain.

Hats for both children and adults

In Mayflower's pattern selection, you'll find hats for both children and adults in a variety of designs. We also have a collection of elf hats, so the whole family can be well-prepared for the festive season of Christmas. There should be something to suit every taste.

Some of our patterns may be a bit challenging, but generally, a hat is a great beginner project if you're new to knitting or crocheting. With the simplest hats, you just need to focus on the basic stitches – and then make decreases at the top of the hat.

All our hat patterns are, of course, free, just like the many other patterns in Mayflower's pattern universe. Enjoy your crafting!

Matching sets with hats and gloves

When you're about to knit a hat, consider whether a pair of gloves in matching yarn could be a project for you. We have plenty of free knitting patterns for hats, gloves, headbands, and other winter accessories.

During the cold winter, it's not just the head that needs to be kept warm; it's also important to ensure that the hands stay warm. For instance, make a pair of mittens or fingerless gloves, depending on your preference.

Scarves and knitted headbands

All the winter gear you need, you can make yourself if you can't get enough of knitting. Here at Mayflower, you'll find free patterns for a wide range of hats, gloves, headbands, and scarves for both ladies and gentlemen to keep warm during the cold times.

In addition to hats and gloves, a scarf can also be nice to have. You can knit the scarf to precisely match your style. Make an extra-long scarf if you like it to wrap around your neck several times. If you prefer a simple and smaller scarf, that's also an option. Get inspired by our free hat and accessories patterns.

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