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Blocking mats from KnitPro, which can be used when blocking knitted or crocheted projects. The set contains a total of 9 mats measuring 32 x 32 cm, which can be joined together to create a full 90 x 90 cm surface.

The mats are made of foam plastic, which is a soft and durable material that can easily withstand moisture from wet clothes. 

Blocking means that instead of hanging the wet sweater on a clothesline or hanger, you let it dry lying down, as otherwise it can get the wrong shape. To ensure the wet sweater has the right shape once it has dried, shape it as you lay it out to dry. To keep the shape as much as possible, you can use pins or knitting blockers at the edge of what needs to be blocked. Foam mats can easily withstand the prick of needles without breaking.

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