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Crochet hooks

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With Mayflower Are we of the clear conviction that the tools and materials must be in order every time you embark on a new crochet project. Here you will find a total selection of high quality crochet pins that you will be able to use for any crochet project. Among other things, you will find packages with crochet pins set as well as packages with a single crochet hook, depending on what you need to create your upcoming project.

We also have a selection of ergonomic crochet hooks that are especially useful for the tanned crochet that is looking for a needle that is comfortable, functional and ergonomic to sit with. All our needles you find here on the site are comfortable to crochet with over a long time and will help ensure perfect results every time you use them. In other words, you will find a large selection of different tools that give you the opportunity to get started on a new and creative crochet project.

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Comfy crochet moments for many generations

Many people believe that crochet is one of the easier handicrafts, and it's something we see the younger generations beginning with, when they develop an interest for handiwork which includes yarn. Crochet can be learned easily, and it's often a favorite activity when it comes to children, when it, compared to knitting, consists of one crochet hook instead of two knitting needles. Here, you can find a selection of colorful and funny crochet hooks, which children are guaranteed to be excited to start their next creative project with.

Crochet is a fun activity, which gathers generations. Grandparents, who crochet with their grandchildren, is something we see more often, and it brings joy and intimacy into the family. With the right crochet hook for children, it all comes down to finding a creative and simple pattern the children can start with! It's almost guaranteed to be a success!

Wide selection of different crochet hooks

As of today, there are many different types of crochet patterns, you can make, and for each of these patterns, it can be necessary to have specific hooks in the correct sizes. Our wide selection of crochet hook sets would be ideal for the one who wants to make sure you have every hook ready at home when starting your future exciting projects.

The crochet hook size depends on what you want to make, and on what type of yarn you want to use. Therefore, a set of crochet hooks can be a great investment, which gives you the ability and freedom to jump into any project, that can even have a change of hooks size within the pattern.

Here on the site, you can even find a selection of doulbe crochet hooks, tunesian crochet hooks and ergonomic crochet hooks. For Mayflower, it's crucial to be able to offer an option for every crochet who wants to start a project, no matter what the project is. Explore our wide selection on the site and be led by your preferred patterns to determine your next crochet project.

Choose your preferred materials and colors

Within our wide selection of crochet hooks, you can find many different colors and materials. It depends on the individual crochet to determine which type of hook is the preferred, and sometimes it also depends on the pattern you want to get started with.

We offer a wide selection consisting of the classic crochet hooks made of plastic, as well as crochet hooks made from light and ergonomic aluminum. No matter what type of crochet hook you are looking for, you can count on our selection is made entirely out of comfortable crochet hooks, that will allow you to work with and finish all projects with a beautiful result every time.

Are you looking for a simple and classic set of crochet hooks with practical cases, then there is our minimalistic and elegant crochet hooks, which will be a great addition to every and all hobby collection with their luxurious leather cases.

Are you looking for something with a splash of color, with a practical case for on-the-go, you can also find that on the site. No matter which form of aesthetics you are looking for, for your crochet tools, you will find a wide selection of possible candidates here at Mayflower. With the right crochet hooks, you are ensured the best results for your future projects.

Crochet hooks for both beginners and experienced crocheters

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, we have the best selection of beautiful and ergonomic crochet hooks for you. We recommend to always find a guide for choosing the right crochet hooks in the desired pattern, and the desired type of yarn to be sure that the best result is obtained.

Let yourself be inspired by our wide selection of crochet hooks and choose your preferred crochet tools, which will give you the possibility to create beautiful and creative projects.

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