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A good scissors is nothing less than a must have in any handwork project, whether it is a crochet, embroidery, or knitting project. We are probably many who have previously tried to find the clumsy kitchen scissors and embark on cutting in yarn or sewing thread, where the scissors eventually do more harm than the benefit of the finished project.

It is therefore simply necessary to have a good scissors at hand when starting a new project. In other words, it ensures that your process becomes more effective and you eventually end up with a nicer result. Here you will find a selection of beautiful scissors in various shapes and styles that will make your next handwork project a breeze to get started with.

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Functionality and elegance

For us at Mayflower Is it important that we can offer both functionality and elegance in our equipment for all of you Krea enthusiasts. For this reason, we have only chosen the most beautiful and functional scissors so that you can always be sure that you have the best equipment at hand when you start your next new handwork project.

Among our selection you will find our elegant storks scissors that will look beautiful in your collection of KREA projects and equipment. In addition, you will find our popular folding scissors that are extremely convenient to carry on the go, for your knitting or crochet projects. Common to all our scissors is their beautiful and aesthetic look without compromising on their practical function.

A scissors for any hobby project

Our scissors are not exclusively great for handling yarn in a knitting or crochet project. You will also find a selection of embroidery scissors that with the sharp and fine tip can cut even the smallest details in a fine embroidery project. In addition, you will also find our popular thread scissors that are nothing short of indispensable in any hobby project.

With Mayflower Are we of the belief that you should have the equipment in order when you embark on a new project. In this way, you make sure that you achieve the beautiful details you have set out to create. In general, the right equipment gives you the freedom to think creatively without having to worry about whether you have the right tools to get started. You will never regret the investment of a good scissors, and here on the site you can be inspired by our selection of functional scissors.

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