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Knitting patterns

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Discover our extensive collection of knitting patterns and let your creativity flow freely. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter, we have a pattern for you. From timeless classics like sweaters and shawls to modern accessories like hats and mittens—our knitting patterns span a wide range and offer something for every taste and skill level. With clear instructions and inspiring designs, our knitting patterns are your key to creating beautiful and unique handmade garments and accessories. Get ready to let your needles dance and explore our exciting selection of knitting patterns today!
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Are you looking for the perfect knitting pattern? Then you've come to the right place. We understand how important it is to find good inspiration for your next knitting project. That's why we've gathered a wealth of free knitting patterns for you to explore.

Whether you're starting from scratch or have a slight idea of what you want to knit, help is right here. Perhaps you already have some yarn waiting to be used? If so, you can find a project that matches the yarn's gauge and quality.

Prefer to find your next project before buying the yarn? We also have plenty of yarn options to choose from. All our patterns can be sorted by category, gauge, yarn quality, and more, making it easy to find the knitting pattern and design that suits you.

What do you want to knit?

If you've decided to start a knitting project, we have plenty of suggestions and ideas. Perhaps you're longing for a warm sweater for cold winter days or a cozy hat. Home-knitted items like hats, socks, and mittens can also be excellent gift ideas for birthdays. The possibilities are endless when it comes to knitting, and you can practically knit an entire new wardrobe for yourself.

Free knitting patterns for all skill levels

Whether you're new to the knitting world or an expert, everyone is welcome at Mayflower, and you'll find free knitting patterns for all skill levels.

If you're new to knitting, it might be a good idea to start with something easy like a scarf or a simple sweater. If you're more experienced, perhaps a patterned sweater is what you're looking to start, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself.

Knit with your favorite yarn

When knitting, it's important to choose yarn that feels good in your hands, as it enhances the knitting experience. There are many types of yarn in different qualities, each with its own advantages. For instance, wool can be a great choice if you want to knit luxurious garments that keep you warm in winter. For something simple, a cotton dishcloth can be a good project.

If you prefer light and airy materials, mohair is a good option. Mohair can be used on its own, and it also makes a great companion yarn, adding a fluffy texture to your knit. Use large needles for an airy look with mohair.

If you prefer synthetic materials, we also have acrylic yarn and blended materials.

Different patterns and techniques

If you're up for more challenging and demanding projects, you might want to try an exciting pattern or a new technique. Here with us, there's plenty of inspiration available if you want to start something like a beautiful raglan sweater or a cardigan with ribbing.

In our selection of free patterns, you'll find a lot of inspiration if you want to knit something other than stockinette and garter stitch.

Knitting for all seasons

When choosing your next knitting pattern, you can also consider the season. You can knit items suitable for summer and winter, spring and autumn. Warm wool sweaters are popular to knit, but you can also easily make tops and t-shirts or light and airy summer blouses, perfect for warmer days. Choose a lovely yarn and an airy design, and you'll be ready to face the summer with unique home-knitted clothing.

Let gauge determine your next project

When starting your next knitting project, there are many parameters you can consider. Do you prefer knitting with large needles rather than small ones? This is something you can take into consideration. If you like to finish your knitting quickly, go for the large needles.

However, if you want a project that will take a long time, go for the small needles instead. In our pattern universe, you'll find easy projects and more challenging patterns, and there's definitely something to suit your taste.

Clothing, accessories, or home decor

When you hear the word knitting, sweaters and socks might be the first things that come to mind. We have plenty of those, but if that's not what you want to knit, there's also a lot of other inspiration to be found. If you'd rather knit accessories for the home or accessories for yourself, this is definitely an option.

Especially holidays are a good opportunity to knit home decor items. Christmas ornaments, Santa hats for the kids, and Easter decorations as Easter approaches are all things that can be knitted if you're creatively inclined. We also have plenty of knitting patterns for children's clothing and accessories, which can be used as Christmas gifts for the little family.

Get help getting started

If you need advice and guidance, there's plenty of help to be found. Here at Mayflower, you can seek inspiration, advice, and guidance. In our knitting patterns, you can always see what type of yarn to use and which needles are recommended. Remember, though, that needle size is indicative, and you may need to go up or down a size to match gauge.

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