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Stitch markers

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With Mayflower we are of the belief that the tool for a knitting as well as crochet project must be in order. To get started on a project, it is necessary to have the right materials that can help complete your project. This applies in particular to mask markers. For many projects, mask markers can be an incredibly useful tool that helps keep an overview of your project.

Whether you are a beginner or tanned knits, it is always useful with a helping hand to get the full overview and keep track of stitches, laps and patterns. Explore our large selection of diverse mask markers that will guide you through any project.

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When do you use mask markers?

A mask marker can be used in several different contexts and is an incredibly practical tool to have at hand when knitting or crocheting.

For example, are you in the process of a knitting project on Circular Needle, it may be necessary to use a mask marker to indicate where the round starts and ends where you have done an in-one as well as the sampling etc. This is needed to make sure you get the right pattern in the end and is a great help To keep track of your project.

The overview that a mask holder can give will also be useful for larger projects, such as a blanket where the cursor is placed on a regular and continuous intervals, so that you do not have to count the same rows and laps.

With specific patterns or color changes, it can also be useful with a mask marker that can divide your project into clear sections and indicate the start and end of a pattern or color change.

No matter what type of project you are working on, the use of mask markers can be incredibly useful for keeping an overview and with our selection of markers in different shapes and colors, you can be sure to always keep the full overview of your project.

Different types of mask markers

Here you will find a large selection of mask markers in different designs, colors and shapes that will all help you keep the overall overview of your knitting or crochet project. Among other things, you will find the more traditional closed rings, markers with locks, open markers, as well as decorative markers in a wealth of different shapes and colors. In other words, you can choose to give your very own personal touch to your knitting project with our mask markers.

You will also find practical boxes and bags for our selection of markers that will make it easy to take them on the go. We thus have mask holders for any project and depending on whether you, for example, prefer a marker in plastic, mask markers metal or a mask cushion with locks, you will find something among our selection for every taste and for any project.

The most important thing for a marker is that it partly indicates exactly where you should pay special attention to your project and partly that it is easy and not burden in your work. All our markers you find here on the site are made of lightweight materials that will not weigh in the yarn you knit or crochet with. This will eventually give the best result and you will always be able to move around and reuse the markers as your project progresses or when you want to get started on a new project.

How to get the most out of your mask markers

In order for you to get the full overview of your crochet and knitting project using our mask markers, it may be advantageous to use a color coding of these. Maybe you want to use different markers for different parts of your project - some for rounds, some for patterns and others for something completely third.

In our optics, you should never go down on mask stopper if it gives you an overview and can guide you. Therefore, use a selection of different markers if it helps you get to your project. Here you can easily put your own personal touch on the use of markers by using different shapes, materials or colors to create the prerequisites for a beautiful result.

Explore our range

Mask markers can be a gift to use, whether you are a beginner or practiced knitting. This also applies regardless of the project in question. The markers can make your knitting and crochet process far more efficient and are a tool we recommend to anyone who embarks on a project that requires a slightly larger overview and which may even include more techniques to keep track of.

With our mask markers, you can be sure that you will make progress more quickly with your project and see how new techniques are allowed to see the light of day in a beautiful result you will be happy with.

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