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Knitting patterns for kids

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Knitting for children is an extremely popular knitting project to embark upon. Here you'll find a wide range of exciting knitting patterns and crochet patterns in a timeless and modern design. The many patterns give you ample opportunity to find a design that fits perfectly for children or grandchildren.

Knitting patterns for children are a surefire hit. There's nothing quite like seeing the smile on a child's face when the homemade sweater is pulled over their head. Homemade knitwear isn't just clothing – it's love.

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Knitwear for children in non-scratchy yarn

Children's knitwear has been popular since time immemorial – and many surely remember the feeling of putting on a scratchy sweater. Thankfully, those days may be over! With the right choice of yarn, you can avoid having your homemade sweaters end up at the bottom of the closet. Most wool qualities are now so luxurious that you can barely feel them on your skin. All our new knitting patterns for children are therefore made in soft qualities like Mayflower Easy Care. In addition to Mayflower Easy Care being a non-scratchy quality, it's also perfect for knitting for children since it can be machine-washed and dried.

Children's knitting with a modern cut

The right design is crucial for creating knitted clothes that fashion-conscious children will love. Our knitting patterns for children are designed by highly skilled designers with an eye for current fashion and trends. With a classic and modern design, you can be sure that your homemade knits will fall straight into the hearts of children.

One of the fantastic things about knitting is that you can knit for everyone regardless of age, gender, or size. We all need clothes, and who doesn't appreciate a good homemade sweater or a pair of knitted socks? If you have children or know children who would love to receive knitted clothing, now is the time to get started.

We have knitting patterns for clothing that fits children of all ages. In our range, you'll find free patterns for every taste and project. Search for the age group you want to knit for and be inspired by both our yarn and knitting universe.

Knitting for both small and big children

Knitted clothes are suitable for both small and big children. If you want to start knitting for a child, you can benefit from starting with our patterns. We have patterns for tiny newborn babies, as well as patterns for children aged, for example, 4 and 12 years.

Homemade knitwear is both cozy to make and delightful to wear. Feel free to choose yarn that is soft and comfortable so the child feels good in the clothes. For example, you can choose cotton or wool yarn, popular yarn qualities for children's knitting. It's yarn that's easy to knit with and feels nice against the skin, which you will always find here at Mayflower.

Homemade knitwear for girls and boys

Both girls and boys can benefit from lovely homemade knitwear. You can knit jumpsuits, blouses, dresses, and accessories like mittens, hats, and socks – essentials for everyone.

When choosing yarn, you have a lot of different qualities and colors to choose from. Choose what suits the pattern you've selected and what you know your child will like. If you have an older child, they might even want to help choose the pattern and yarn color themselves.

Patterns for both beginners and experienced knitters

At Mayflower, you'll find a wealth of free patterns that fit the child you want to knit for. We have beginner-friendly patterns as well as patterns for the more experienced. You can dive into challenging sweaters or knit a quick and easy hat if that's what you feel like. Create the design you dream of and enjoy seeing your child in the homemade clothes.

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