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Here you will find a selection of functional Seleclips that can be used in several different projects. You may know the classic Seleclips for Sutesnsn, which is particularly popular with parents who want to keep track of their child's pacifiers and are therefore a very practical solution for toddler families. However, our Seleclips can also be used for other projects for children and is generally an incredibly versatile element to use in a krap project.

Among our selection you will find Seleclips Wood that has a beautiful and natural design that will be able to be part of any project with the color choice you want. Here you will find harness clips in several different shapes and with different designs engraved. In this way, there is something for everyone and there will surely be something you will be able to let you inspire.

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Seleclips for imaginative projects

Our harness clips are particularly practical as a wealth of different imaginative projects can be created around these clips, while these can be easily replaced and replaced with new colors and new projects. Our Seleclips, which have two or more ventilation holes, are these ideals for use in suction chains, and different chains can easily be made depending on which pacifier is currently the favorite of the child.

We also offer ordinary Seleclips wood that can be used for, for example, hanging in strollers or in the children's room. These clips can keep beautiful and imaginative chains up that will surely create security and not least the wonder for the child. Our clips are particularly durable and can be used time and time again, whether for new suspension or for a renewal of the child's sucking cord.

Crocheted joys for kids

With Mayflower Are we convinced that Seleclips for Sutvian cord as well as sensory toys and teddy bears can be easily knit and crocheted. Enjoying creating the child's first toys and faithful teddy bears is a great declaration of love, and the knitted and crochet creations will undeniably fill the child's everyday life with a lot of joy and love.

In our selection you will find a wide variety of recipes for everything from crocheted characters to suckers to the little ones in the family. Our large selection of colors and materials that can be used to create the most quirky sensory and the most beautiful characters will undoubtedly give rise to a lot of fun and play for the kids. No matter what project is involved, the soft yarn will certainly bring a great deal of security and love for the child.

The perfect gift for a newly baked family

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a newly baked family, a Seleclips with Sutesns cord is nothing short of the perfect gift to give if you ask us. Our Seleclips Wood has a beautiful and natural design that can be combined with a sea of ​​different designs and colors that will make it easy to use the Seleclip every day.

As a newly baked family, there is nothing better than receiving beautiful and homemade gifts for the children who at the same time are extremely practical and sincerely add great value to the little new family. Our Seleclips are just one of many examples of beautiful and creative gifts that can be given to the smallest members of the family.

Here you will find a lot of inspiration for practical as well as quirky knitted and crocheted inventions that any newly baked family will be delighted to receive. Let our wide selection of colors and materials inspire you to start a great hobby project for the very little ones in your family. In fact, only the imagination sets boundaries!

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