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Social responsibility

Mayflower is a company that is in contact with customers, suppliers and partners in large parts of the world. We believe that we as a company have an obligation to society and the global world. Therefore, we also have a clear expectation that our partners and suppliers exhibit social responsibility in relation to their employees and in relation to the environment. 

Social responsibility is a complex size - especially when looking at the global market. We are constantly striving to become even better and would like to influence our suppliers for greater social responsibility through collaborative and product requirements. 

Mayflower has an overall desire to create a positive impression. It is also reflected in our ongoing support over the years for various events and charitable purposes.  

GOTS certification

Mayflower Would like to carry our share of responsibility for the environment, health and future generations. Therefore Mayflower For a number of years negotiated GOTS-certified yarn, which complies with all the international requirements for ecology.

When you buy yarn with GOTS certification, you also get a guarantee that the yarn is made in a more sustainable way.

Mayflowers yarn with GOTS certification must comply with a number of international requirements to obtain the certification.

These requirements not only apply to the production of the yarn itself. The entire supply chain must comply with these requirements. 

Requirements for yarn with GOTS certification

  • All materials are certified organic and the process is documented so that there is a guarantee of chemical -free materials.
  • All color and treatment processes are carried out in environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
  • Responsibility for social welfare and working conditions has been taken in connection with production.

Our GOTS number is Cu 1185986


An Oeko-Tex certification may immediately be reminiscent of GOTS, but there are a number of differences between the two certifications.

The primary difference is that the Oeko-Tex certificate does not require a thorough organic supply chain, but there are strict requirements for the use of chemicals that could potentially be harmful. 

We are pleased with the Oeko-Tex certification as it places significantly higher requirements than the current legislation in both Denmark and the EU (REACH law).

In practice, this means that potentially harmful substances are also prohibited in yarn production. 

Requirements for Yarn with Oeko-Tex Certification

  • The yarn is tested and guaranteed free of harmful substances - for example, carcinogenic dyes, heavy metals and pesticide residues.
  • Comprehensive consideration of the environment in connection with production so that greenhouse gas emissions are minimized and wastewater is properly treated.
  • Responsibility for social welfare and working conditions has been taken in connection with production.

Our Oeko-Tex No. is 2076-311 DTI for yarn in classes 1 and 1976-294 DTI for yarn in class 2.

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

Yarn production and animal welfare are naturally related. Here RWS is an important tool that ensures that our woolen yarn lives up to our ideals.

RWS is a standard that aims to recognize and promote the best practice in animal welfare and sustainable protection of agricultural land. These standards dictate the nutrition of animals, mowing, medical treatment and sustainable grazing methods. 

If you would like to buy mulesing-free wool, you can safely choose wool with the RWS-Cerfitization. Here, Mulesing is completely prohibited. 

Requirements for yarn with RWS certification

  • The animals are guaranteed the right to "the five freedoms". That is, freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain and illness, freedom to express natural behavior and freedom from fear and stress.
  • Animal grazing areas are managed to protect the natural health and biodiversity of the soil.
  • Responsibility for social welfare and working conditions has been taken in connection with production.

Our RWS number is Cu 891061

Read more about RWS and Verify RWS number here.

Global Recycled Standard

GRS er en certificering, der påvirker hvor stor andelen af genanvendte fibre er i vores garn med denne certificering. For at opnå denne certificering skal mindst 50% af garnet bestå af genanvendte garnfibre.

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