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Since 1951, the Mayflower has been a faithful companion to knitting and crochet enthusiasts across the country, and our passion for needlework extends beyond the colorful world of yarn to include the tools that make needlework possible - including knitting needles. Understanding that the right tool is not just an aid, but an extension of the craftsman's hand, is at the heart of our knitting needle range.
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Quality but cheap knitting needles

With Mayflower Is it possible to find cheap knitting needles without compromising on quality. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their knitting passion regardless of their budget, and our selection of affordable knitting needles therefore ensures that you can start your next project with tools that are both durable and comfortable to work with. We offer a wide selection of sizes and materials so you can easily find what you need at a price that suits your specific finances.

Discover the beauty of knitting needles of wood

Knitting needles of wood are a popular choice among many knitters thanks to their light weight and the natural heat they add to the knitting process. The soft surface of the tree is especially suitable for those who want a more comfortable grip and can also help people with arthritis or other challenges in their hands. Our range of wood knitting needles includes several different types of wood, each with its unique feeling and expression, so you can choose the set that best matches your preferences and project.

The benefits of wooden knitting needles 

Wooden knitting needles not only offer aesthetic beauty but also provide a number of practical benefits. As we mentioned above, they are naturally thermal conducting, which means they become more comfortable to last for longer periods. In addition, their slightly rough surface gives a better grip on the yarn, which can help prevent the masks from sliding off the stick. In addition, for those who prefer a quieter knitting experience, wood knitting needles also offer a more muted sound compared to metal or plastic sticks.

Explore Mayflowers knitting patterns

With Mayflower we know that the perfect knitting project begins with two things: quality tools and an inspiring recipe. In addition to our carefully selected range of knitting needles and yarns, we are therefore proud to also be able to present our large collection of Fantastic knitting patterns. These recipes vary from traditional classics that never go out of fashion to modern designs that reflect the latest trends in knitting, and thus there is something for any knitting across preferences and styles.

A source of inspiration

Our knitting patterns are developed with passion and care to inspire knitters at any level, so whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience, you will be able to find recipes that challenge and develop your skills. We offer a wide selection of recipes intended to embrace anyone, and therefore you can find, among other things, women's recipes, men's recipes and recipes for the smallest of the family children and babies. Of course, every recipe is carefully reviewed to ensure clarity and accuracy, so you can throw yourself into the project with certainty and overview.

For all knitting projects

Mayflower's knitting patterns also cover a wide range of techniques and styles, making it easy for you to find the perfect project that suits your taste and level. From soothing meditative patterns to projects that require focus and finesse, our recipes are designed to enrich your knitting experience and add beauty to your daily life.

Quality that lasts in our knitting needles

With Mayflower Is quality not just a word; That's the foundation of everything we do. Our range of knitting needles is therefore carefully composed to ensure that they meet our high standards. We understand that a good set of knitting needles can be a lifelong investment, which is why we only offer products that we are convinced will last for many years to come. Whether you choose our affordable knitting needles or the luxurious versions, you can be sure you will get a high quality product that will enrich your knitting work.

Inspiration for creative knitting projects

With Mayflower We believe that knitting is an art that offers endless opportunities for creativity and personal expression. Therefore, we not only want to supply you with the best knitting needles and accessories but also to inspire you to initiate new and exciting projects. Our selection of knitting needles is therefore designed to meet the needs of any project, whether it is delicate blouses or sturdy winter jerseys.

Create personal masterpieces with our cheap knitting needles

Explore our extensive selection of yarn types And colors to create personal scarves, sweaters, dresses or something completely fourth that reflects your unique style. With the right knitting needles, you can experiment with different textures and techniques ranging from simple rib to complex cable knit that adds depth and character to your creations.

Gifts that warm

Knitted gifts carry a special value as they are created with thought and love. Therefore, if someone you love soon needs a gift, you can advantageously use our affordable knitting needles to make heartwarming gifts such as baby sets, cozy socks or elegant sweaters that will surely please the recipient. Every mask you make tells a story of care and dedication, making your gifts for priceless treasures.

Take your knitting adventures to new heights

Of course, for those who want to challenge their knitting skills, we offer a selection of knitting needles that are ideal for advanced projects. For example, choose between our precise wooden knitting needles for detailed LACE patterns or our sturdy metal sticks for quick knitting of dense patterns depending on what you are missing. Our range also includes circular needles, different knitting sets and much more. 

Buy knitting needles from Mayflower

To buy knitting needles at Mayflower is a simple process! We offer a user -friendly online shopping experience where you can easily take a look at our extensive selection and find the knitting needles that meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a specific material, a certain size or just want to explore different options, we have made it easy for you to find and buy your ideal knitting needles. Of course, with our dedication to quality and customer service, we are also always ready to assist you, you should have questions or need guidance.