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Circular needles consist of a wire or cable with a knitting needle at each end. Unlike straight needles, circular needles allow you to knit in the round. Of course, you can also knit back and forth on circular needles, effectively using them as longer needles compared to straight ones.

There are both fixed and interchangeable circular needles available.

With interchangeable circular needles, you can easily detach the needles from the cable and switch to, for example, a shorter cable or a thicker needle.

A fixed circular needle cannot be separated but has a fixed length and needle size. Using interchangeable circular needles offers many more options for variation and customization according to each knitting pattern. You can easily adjust mid-project by switching to a different size or length of needle.

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Wires in various lengths

In KnitPro's range, you'll find a variety of wire lengths ranging from 20 cm up to 126 cm. With both short and long wires available, you can knit almost any design or pattern using circular needles, whether for circular or flat knitting. Baby clothes and sleeves are easily knitted with a short circular needle, while larger sweaters require longer wires and circular needles.

If you need to switch to a shorter or longer wire during your knitting project, it's easy to detach the wire from the interchangeable circular needle and attach a different one. Having an interchangeable circular needle set allows you to adjust the needle and its length according to your pattern as you work.

When using a fixed circular needle, the entire needle needs to be replaced instead of just the wire. Therefore, you must purchase a fixed circular needle in the correct length to complete your project.


KnitPro's wires all feature a nylon coating that is soft, smooth, and pleasant to touch. This coating ensures that the circular needle is enjoyable to work with, allowing yarn and stitches to glide effortlessly. Thus, providing a great knitting experience.

Wire Length vs. Circular Needle Length

When purchasing a separate wire, note that its length is measured excluding the needle tips. Therefore, it's shorter than the total length recommended for your pattern.

For instance, if you're knitting a blanket or large sweater that requires a 150 cm circular needle, you would purchase a 126 cm wire. When a knitting needle is attached to each end of the wire, the circular needle's total length will be 150 cm.

Thin Wire with Thick Needle

Despite KnitPro's wires being thin, they function well even with thicker knitting needles. The needle itself determines the stitch size, so the stitch size remains consistent as stitches slide from the needle onto the wire. Therefore, there's no need to worry about the wire affecting your work.

Memory-Free Wires

Some circular needles have a tendency to twist during use, which can be distracting. To address this, memory-free wires are available. These wires retain their shape due to a small ball joint at each end, allowing the knitting needle to rotate without twisting the wire. Using memory-free wires provides a more comfortable knitting experience where your knitting doesn't get tangled with the wire.

Switching Needles and Wires in a Circular Needle Set

Switching to a different needle or wire in an interchangeable circular needle set is straightforward. Simply screw the desired needle onto each end of the wire you intend to use. Afterward, ensure a secure fit by using a tightening key, which is included with your set. Hold one end of the wire and the tightening key in the other hand, insert the key into the cable hole, and turn it firmly to secure the needle and wire together.

When you need to change the needle or wire later on, use the tightening key again to loosen the knitting needle from the wire.

Included Accessories in Your Circular Needle Set

When purchasing a set of interchangeable circular needles, you'll typically receive more than just knitting needles and wires. Essential accessories include:

  • Tightening key for securely attaching needles and wires.
  • End caps to prevent stitches from slipping off the wire, allowing you to set aside your work without worry.
  • Wire connectors for joining two wires to create an even longer cable.

With KnitPro, You're Well-Equipped

If you have interchangeable circular needles or wires from KnitPro, it's advantageous to purchase additional equipment from the same manufacturer when you need to supplement your collection. All KnitPro parts are compatible across different series, making their needles and wires highly user-friendly and versatile.

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