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At Mayflower we work with product development on a daily basis. New thoughts, new ideas, new fibers and new fiber compositions give new impressions and ideas about new yarn qualities that can do something different than the qualities that Mayflower already have on the shelves.

Our product developers regularly discuss the possibilities with our experienced woolwinding manufacturers, and we receive samples that are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet our expectations and wishes.


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A high priority when it comes to new qualities is the nuances of the yarns and color depth, because Mayflower doesn't set the color as a secondary priority in terms of new qualities. For us, the color is as important as the properties of the yarn, because the yarn must both have good properties for, for example, clothing, and it should also be nice to look at. We strive to have a color choice that contains both the classic tones, the more subdued and natural shades as well as shades in more flamboyant colors. With the many color options, we ensure that our different yarn qualities can fit several different consumers. 

When we develop a product, we strive to make new qualities that can do something other than our current, for example, where they are either warmer, softer, more elastic, better for the whole year, more full-bodied, better breathability or the like. We therefore only select the best qualities when launching new yarns. Our news can be brand new yarn compositions that we have never had on the shelves before, just as we sometimes develop on existing yarn qualities. For example, it may be an improvement of a fiber or the addition of multiple colors.

Mayflower also follows along with developments, consumer wishes and the trends in colors when we need to develop product. We strive to develop high quality yarns that will speak to the consumer and which fits well with different clothing