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Crochet patterns

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First step is to figure out what you want to crochet, and here we can fortunately help with a lot of inspiration from our free crochet patterns. Explore our universe of crocheted items and find a project that suits you.

Crochet patterns for beginners

If you're completely new to crocheting, don't despair. We have a wealth of crochet patterns that are beginner-friendly, allowing you to ease into crocheting. Good suggestions for beginner-friendly crochet projects include:

  • A scrunchie
  • A purse
  • A scarf
  • A dishcloth

Our assortment offers plenty of ideas regardless of your skill level. Once you start crocheting, it can be hard to stop.

Design your own clothing

Would you like to renew your wardrobe with stylish, home-crocheted clothing? Then there's plenty of inspiration to be found here with us. We have patterns for both adults and children, so your choice of pattern depends a lot on who you want to crochet something for.

Crocheting clothing for children or babies is ideal as they are quick projects, and the recipient of the clothing will surely be happy with it. You can create lovely dresses and cozy sweaters and give the clothing a personal touch.

Crochet a bag, net, or purse

If you need a good shopping bag or a purse for your belongings, we also have free crochet patterns for these. Make your shopping trips fun and colorful by creating your very own shopping bag in your favorite colors. If it's a stylish bag or purse you're missing, there are also many options here, and you can create something very special that only you own. Take a look at our free crochet patterns and find what you need.

Design beautiful home accessories

It's not just clothing and accessories that you can crochet. Decorative and practical items for the home are also suitable as crochet projects. We have crochet patterns for everything from baskets and decorative flowers to dolls and teddy bears.

Crocheted home accessories are also the perfect gift idea. A personalized gift that is completely unique because it is homemade. That's something that everyone will appreciate receiving.

Find the right equipment

When you start crocheting, you need some proper equipment. Especially if you're a beginner, it can be hard to get an overview of the things you need to get started. But with a set of crochet hooks and some good yarn, you can go a long way. Stitch markers are also always good to have, as well as scissors and a measuring tape.

If you're crocheting a bag, you may need a zipper or some buttons. If your project is a crocheted toy, you'll need safety eyes and some stuffing to fill the toy with.

Once you've chosen your free crochet pattern, you can always see what equipment you'll need.

Use quality yarn

Crocheting becomes more enjoyable if you use quality yarn. Fortunately, we at Mayflower have quality yarn in many different varieties for you to choose from.

For beginners, a good choice of yarn could be cotton, as it's easy to crochet with. The pattern you choose will naturally specify what type of yarn to use. But if you prefer cotton, you can always look for patterns that use it.

Remember gauge/tension

When crocheting, it's important to maintain gauge/tension so you get a nice result. Also, always remember to make a gauge swatch so you can check if the gauge/tension matches, or if you need to use a different crochet hook than the one specified in the pattern. That's why it's also good to have different crochet hooks available, so you always have the one you need.

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