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Knitting needle set

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Knitting is a creative hobby that many people find joy in. Both because people enjoy being self-sufficient and making their own sweaters, socks, or hats, as well as pleasing others like family and friends with their finished knits or crochet. For many, knitting is also a calm and relaxing hobby, where tinkering with yarn helps them unwind after a busy day.

Once you get started with knitting, it can quickly become addictive, and you may find yourself needing more knitting needles.

Once you've knitted your first project and either used it yourself or given it to a happy recipient, you'll quickly get the hang of it and find new projects that you also want to tackle. Therefore, you may quickly need knitting needles in other sizes and various accessories that suit different projects.

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Complete Knitting Needle Sets

For your first project, you've probably acquired the exact knitting needle that suits that particular project, but depending on the project and yarn, you'll need different needle sizes for your future projects. If you haven't been fortunate enough to inherit knitting needles from, for example, a creative family member, a complete set of knitting needles can be a great help‚ÄĒwhether you're a novice or experienced.

For both beginners and experienced knitters, having a good base with various accessories is a major advantage, as otherwise, you might be limited in starting new projects if you're missing the exact knitting needle required for the project. With a complete set, you're well-equipped for a wide range of projects.

Cost-effective alternative to buying many individual needles

Another advantage is the price. It can quickly become expensive to purchase knitting needles in several different sizes, as well as circular needles available in various lengths.

With a complete set, you have multiple sizes right from the start.

Practical storage that you can take with you in your bag

A third advantage of a complete set is having everything in one place. For example, with circular needles for knitting, each needle size is available in different lengths, which can quickly lead to a very large and overwhelming stock of knitting needles in different sizes and lengths that take up space in your craft closet and are difficult to oversee. With a complete set of interchangeable knitting needles, you have wires in, for example, three different lengths that you can combine with needles of exactly the thickness needed for each project.

A set typically comes in a case or bag that serves as practical storage for your knitting needles. The case holds the knitting needles, for example, and provides a good overview of the sizes you have to choose from. These sets often include other accessories such as wires for the needles, stitch markers, etc., which fit neatly into compartments in the case or bag.

Everything you need is gathered in one place, making it easy to take the set with you in, for example, your knitting or travel bag if you're going on vacation, to a meeting, or on a road trip. This way, you have everything you might need during your knitting work.

Contents of the set

The sizes included in each set can vary widely, as can the number of needles. For example, sets may include 6-7 sets of interchangeable needles ranging from sizes 2.5-8 mm, or sets that go from 2.5 mm up to 12 mm. There are also sets that include only thin needles or sets that include only thick needles.

There are also knitting needle sets with very short needles, which are very useful for knitting projects with a short circumference such as sleeves, socks, or baby knits.

Sets in different series and qualities

Knitting needle manufacturers like KnitPro produce needles in various materials, so there are knitting needle sets available in virtually every series. Therefore, you can find sets that suit every taste and need.

If you've fallen in love with a particular type of needle because you work best with needles from a specific series, choosing a complete knitting needle set from that series makes sense.

Knitting needle sets - how to change wire and needle

It's quite simple to switch to a different needle or wire. Simply screw the desired needle onto each end of the wire length you need. Afterward, it's very important to ensure that the wire and needle are securely attached, so tighten them using a tightening key that comes with your set. Hold onto the wire with one hand and the tightening key with the other hand, insert the tightening key into the cable hole, and rotate it firmly to secure the needle and wire tightly together.

When you need to change the needle or wire later, you'll use the tightening key again to loosen it.

This accessories are included with your knitting needle set

Tightening key, used to attach and detach needles from wires, as well as to adjust their tightness.
End caps, which can be placed on each end of the wire. This allows you to rest your work on the wire without stitches falling off, if you place an end cap on each end of the wire. You can also create a long straight needle by mounting an end cap on only one end of the circular needle.
Some sets also include cable or wire connectors, allowing you to join two wires together to create an even longer wire.
With KnitPro, you're well-prepared

If you choose a knitting needle set from KnitPro, you can easily supplement your set with additional accessories. All parts and series from KnitPro are compatible, so you can easily add thicker metal needles to your wood needle set, for example, or purchase longer or shorter wires that fit your set.

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