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Men's cardigans in knitwear

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There are more and more men who knit and crochet, but it is still a hobby primarily dominated by women. Fortunately, most men are lucky enough to know a woman who loves handicrafts, and if they are really lucky, they have the opportunity to get a knitted sweater or similar made. Knitted socks and men's sweaters are also popular gifts for men, while knitted cardigans are often overlooked. It's a shame because a cardigan is often more versatile than a sweater.

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Choosing yarn for knitted cardigans

Knitted socks and sweaters are often saved for winter because they are too warm for the summer months. Here, a cardigan is more versatile as it can also be worn on cool summer evenings when it's nice to have something to throw over a t-shirt.

If you want to make a cardigan more suitable for summer, you can advantageously choose a yarn quality that is a blend of wool and cotton. Cotton is not as warm as wool yarn, making it suitable for the summer months. However, if you want to make a really warm cardigan for winter, you can certainly use 100% wool yarn.

Achieve the perfect fit

Fit is crucial when knitting clothing, so it's a good idea to test your gauge before starting the project. You do this by making a small gauge swatch to test if it matches the gauge in the pattern. If you knit too tightly, it will be too small, requiring you to switch to a larger needle. If you knit too loosely, the swatch will be too large, so you'll need to switch to a smaller needle.

For the best results, we recommend using the original yarn from Mayflower. This will make it easier to achieve the correct gauge, resulting in a better overall fit so your cardigan will have the perfect fit.

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