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Felting yarn

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The technique of felting wool yarn has been around for many years and is still used today.

Felting yarn is an exciting yarn as it opens up new possibilities for use. Most people know that you can use yarn to knit or crochet a sweater or socks, for example. But not everyone has tried using yarn for felt. Felting yarn can, of course, still be used for a regular knitting or crochet project, but it's also a good idea to try your hand at felting the yarn.

And how do you felt yarn? Felting yarn is untreated 100% wool yarn. Wool fibers naturally have small scales, and when the wool is washed, the scales will automatically stick together and cause the knitted or crocheted slipper to shrink. After felting, the wool yarn will be compact and thicker, but will still be soft and provide wonderful warmth, e.g. as mittens or mitts.

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Wool yarn, which does not felt, is untreated, unlike wool that has been superwash-treated. Superwash treatment is applied to make the small scales lie down so that the yarn can be washed in a machine at higher degrees without felting.

Once you have felted your handwork and taken it out of the washing machine, it is important that you pull the work into shape while still humid. If you let it dry, it is not possible to subsequently correct the length or width, and it will instead be necessary to bleed it into water and then pull it in the desired shape.

There are an incredible number of options when it comes to yarn and felt. For example, there is the opportunity to make some comforable, warm slippers, a felted bag, mittens, sitting cushions, baskets and more. Only the imagination sets boundaries, and if you use different colors of chunky felt yarn to make patterns, they will still be nice after being felted.

Yarn for high-quality felting 

Here at Mayflower, you always find high quality felt yarn. With us, you will find that there are many different exciting options when it comes to felting yarn, where you will find different brands and qualities. 

You can choose from thick yarn that is very durable, you can choose organic yarn, and you can choose from many other good properties so you can always get started with a project with some yarn that fits you perfectly. 

Felt yarn in great colors 

When it comes to felt yarn, you have almost as many choices as you have in all your other knitting projects. Our yarn for felting comes in a wealth of modern color that will give life and character to your projects. 

Of course, you can choose between the classic colors such as black and gray, while also finding an exciting selection of more natural colors with a subdued expression. But of course you should not be cheated for the more colorful variants that give you plenty of opportunity to bring some energy into your projects. 

Felt is also suitable for those who love to mix different colors. By mixing matching shades you get a nice color game where the different colors will mix with each other elegantly. 

How to get started with felt wool 

If you go and dream of felting in your next project, there are just some things that you need to get into first. Felting can be done by everyone, and it doesn't take any great experience to get rid of, but it is still a good idea to start small before you get started to make a whole basket. 

You can do by starting by making a potholder. A potholder is a flat and square piece of textile and therefore it does not get any simpler than that. Therefore, a potholder is a good place to practice - and who, by the way, doesn't need more potholders? 

Before you get that far, however, you need to look at your equipment. Once you have got a good felt yarn, you also need to grab some felt needles, which will make the project a lot easier and which will make sure you get back with a result that lives up to your expectations. A felt needle is designed to be used with felt yarn for felt projects, so it is a good investment for anyone who wants to start felt. 

A felt needle ensures that the fibers in the yarn bind as close as possible, giving you the best starting point for shaping your project that you want. It makes the felt needle with its barbs, which grab the wool fibers, and since the needle is very thin, you get easier by making a completely even surface. 

To get started on felting wool with a felt needle, you just need to use some good felt yarn and a few felt needles, and as mentioned, it is a good idea to practice on a simple project so that you can get the technique completely control . 

How to wash felt yarn 

When finishing a felt project, it's important to think about how to wash it. You can easily ruin your project if you do not wash it properly and you should first and foremost follow the washing instructions that come with your felt yarn. Here you should be aware that there is a difference in how the different wool qualities should be washed, and you can therefore advantageously stick to one particular type of felting wool to make sure you can wash your felt in the same way. 

However, when it comes to felt, you should mainly stick to hand-washing at a maximum of 30 degrees, while some felt wool can handle slightly higher temperatures. By washing your felt in your hand instead of in the machine, you ensure that the project stays neat for a long time as the washing machine risks destroying the yarn structure. 

Hand washing retains the characteristic structure of the felt yarn, and if you also make sure you dry it properly, you will benefit from your project for many years to come. You do this by drying felt flat - for example on a table. 

Buy felt yarn online at Mayflower

Here at Mayflower, we have made it easy for you to buy good yarn for your next felt project. With us you can handle all your purchases in peace and quiet, while on the site you get the big overview of your options - and then of course you get sharp prices and delivery directly to your front door so you can get started felting in a few days.

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