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Maria Møller town Mayflower

Maria Møller town Mayflower

In Maria Møller's latest collection, a pattern has been used that you have seen before. She has made two more designs in the same structural pattern as her delicious Lilliansweater.

Lillianslipover is a light and airy vest that fits well into any wardrobe. The vest can be used over a blouse, shirt or dress and give you some extra warmth.

Knit the vest from below and up and have a nice V-neck in rib. The structural pattern is made with false twists and gives a great effect and a feminine expression. The vest is knit in 3 strands soft Mayflower Super Kid Silk, which makes Lillianslipover wonderfully soft and comfortable.

And let's move on to Mary's next Lillian design. The bulky Lilliancardigan Unlike the other designs light ballone effect on both body and sleeves, which makes the SkyLette Cardigan a soft dream to wear. Like the other knit it also with 3 strands Mayflower Super Kid Silk, giving the light structure and only makes the cardigan even more soft and delicious.

You will also find the well -known structural pattern made with false twists in Lilliancardigan. The Cardigan's full -bodied ballone effect and the beautiful pattern together give a graceful look, and knitted in Super Kid Silk Can the cardigan be used nicely all year round as it is both light and warm.

Tuesdaidurtleneck Knit topdown with continuous decking in the support piece. The carrier is what makes this sweater stand out from the crowd. It is characterized by a fascinating pattern made in a different color.

Tuesdaidurtleneck knit in the soft and nested tweed yarn Mayflower Easy Care Classic Tweed, while the pattern in the carrying piece is made in Mayflower Easy Care Classic, which is solid. The sweater is therefore both soft, warm and breathable, as both qualities spun on high quality wool.

Maria Møller town Mayflower

The Lilliansweater is a great combination of the softest mohair yarn and the most beautiful, twisted pattern. The pattern is easier than you think, as it is false twists made with simple technique. The sweater is knit from top to bottom.

The sweater has an airy fit and sleeves with good width. The light yarn contributes to an even more airy sweater, making the Lilliansweater a nice comfortable and warm sweater.

With November polo Are you ready for this year's cold months as it is knit in a combination of warm and breathable wool as well as soft and fluffy mohair.

Knit the shirt from top to bottom with raglan removals and turn sticks in the neck as this gives a good fit. November polo has a nice high collar, which gives extra heat. The shirt has a great fit and is therefore obvious to get in.

The Ullavants and Ullahuen have both the same beautiful pattern. Both are the springs of Maria Møller's popular Ulla series, where all parts have the characteristic and feminine pattern.

Thus, the ribbed of the mittens and the house has the same, fine expression, and the ribbed edge of the house is even with an extra bend, which gives good warmth and shields better from the wind.

The other work in both mittens and a hat has a beautiful pattern that is easy to go to, although it may look cumbersome.

With the Ullavants and Ullahuen you will be well dressed throughout the winter as they are knitted in a combination of wool and mohair, giving great softness, warmth, breathability and good volume.

Maria Møller town Mayflower

In cooperation with Mayflower Develops Maria Møller continuously exciting designs. And now Maria is ready with four new designs where there are great patterns, exciting techniques and great opportunity to play with the colors. Her designs this time is a good mix of both something new and old, where she has drawn inspiration from other of her popular recipes.

The Hasmarksweater is designed with a nice twisting pattern, which is seen both at the front, back and on the sleeves. The twists are alternately long and short and make it entertaining to knit the sweater. Wide rib edges form a nice finish. Knit the hasmarked sweater in a yarn that has a good, natural weight and therefore gives the sweater a nice fall.

Ullacarigan and Ullasweater are feminine designs that build on the great knitting techniques and patterns from both Ullatee and Chunkyullasweater. Both new jerseys have the same characteristic and feminine rib edges at the bottom as well as at the sleeves, just as they are knitted in the same simple but effective pattern.

Ullachardigan differs with the plain knit button post, where Ullasweater has a nice, open neckline, which is repeated in the wide ribbed edge that is so characteristic of the Ulla series jerseys.

Maria's last design is something brand new. The crocheted bag, Lollipoptotebag, is her first crochet project for Mayflower. The bag has a unique spiral pattern that catches the eye. The bag is crocheted in solid cotton yarn and even has a good size, so you can easily have a lot with you when you are going out the door. The multicolored design means you can play with the colors and create your very own expression.

Maria Møller town Mayflower

Maria Møller primarily designs knitted clothes. Loopcushion is her first piece of knitted interiors and the result has been great. The charming pillow exudes personality and you can't help but be happy when you let your fingers slide over the front of the pillow with the fine loops. 

Loopcushion can be knit in two different sizes. The front is knitted with the characteristic loops, while the back is knitted in retriller. The pillow may be knit as a collaborative project as the back can be knit by a beginner while knitting the front of a more practiced knitter. 

AbovCloudsweater is easy as a cloud and wonderfully soft to wear. Maria Møller has achieved an optimal combination of comfort and fashion, because the sweater is incredibly beautiful with the detailed pattern on the sleeves. 

The sweater fits the rest of Maria's wardrobe, focusing on a beautiful and feminine style. Here, the AbovCloudsweater fits perfectly, and with its elegant and simple details it never goes out of fashion. 

Sweetspringweater is a truly unique sweater where Maria Møller is really experimenting with the structure of different yarn qualities. The result gives a beautiful sweater where the stripes are both created by different colors - and by widely different yarn qualities.

Maria Møller usually has a classic style, but here she has pushed the boundaries and created a different design that is still so simple that it will appeal to most. The effect of the two different types of yarn is discreet at a distance, but becomes very clear when you get close. 

Maria Møller town Mayflower

Maria Møller primarily designs sweaters and other clothes. But with checkmate totebag, she has thrown herself over a brand new niche of accessories - and it will hardly be last time that Maria throws herself over designs like this. 

Maria's totebag is knitted in the linen stitches, which gives a distinctive color effect. It looks almost like Checkmate Totebag is knitted in diced of multicolored knit. As an added bonus, checkmate totebag can be made in different versions, so you either get a totebag with or without bottom.

Amagersweater is Maria Møller's first design with twists, and therefore there should also really be a focus on the beauty of the exciting knitting technique. You can clearly look at the Amagersweater, which has become a regular masterpiece.

The sweater has adventurous twists that cover the entire sweater. An extra beautiful detail is that the sleeves of the sleeves start up at the neckline and extend all the way down the sleeve. In the middle of the front and back, the sweater is also characterized by an extra beautiful double noning.

Ginghamsweater gets its name from the distinctive Gingham fabric, which is known for its very special cubes that give a beautiful color play. These special cubes also go back on the gingham sweater and here the color effect is almost even more beautiful. 

With its slightly oversize fit, the Gingham Sweater is super comfortable to wear. At the same time, it also gets a feminine twist in the form of a simple icord edge in neck opening, bottom and armhole instead of the traditional rib edge. The Icord edge completes in high design, emphasizing Mary's clear and stylish fashion sense.

Chunkyullasweater was the natural successor to the incredibly popular Ullatee. You get the same beautiful pattern in the rib edge, while the fit is changing a bit, and then the design has got long sleeves.

If you felt that Ullatee was too hard to knit, then you will be happy with chunkyullasweater. The recipe is generally easier, because the sweater has a simpler sleeve structure, and in addition it does not have structural pattern on the sleeves like Ullatee.

Maria Møller town Mayflower

Maria Møller's style is both modern and feminine, which is also expressed in her designs - and her Ullatee is a masterpiece with her amazingly beautiful pattern. 

Especially the rib edges are incredibly beautiful, and the beautiful neck collar gives an extra good fit around the neck. The icing on the cake is the detailed structural pattern that covers the entire blouse and emphasizes the feminine and romantic expression.

Ullatee is knitted in one thread Mayflower Super Kid Silk and one thread Easy Care. The two yarn types compliment each other perfectly and give Ullatee the right structure and fullness. Share with the tag #ullatee.

Maria's Ellenjumper unites comfort with fashionable knit. You before a beautiful and feminine jumper with the most beautiful stripes that are colored to be adapted to all tastes and clothing style.

The jumper has a single design that highlights the beauty of the powerful and stocking knit stitches. The design is emphasized by a modern cut and a length that fits the fashion trends. However, the jumper can of course be knit longer as needed. 

The sweater is knit with two threads Mayflower New Sky on Pind 12, so it is a super fast and relatively easy project if you want to go quickly. Share your version of Ellenjumperen with us. Use #ellenjumper. 

The Eleonorachardigan is another beautiful design of Maria Møller. Here you get a nice and fashionable cardigan, which is always nice to bring on the go.

The cardigan is quite simple with its beautiful and regular stripes. The simple design, in turn, allows you to experiment with fun and beautiful buttons, which Maria has also done. In short, the cardigan is perfect for Maria, who loves classic and feminine clothes with a modern twist.

Maria Møller town Mayflower

The Ingeborg Cardigan has a simple and safe design with its beautiful structural pattern in Pearl Knit, which goes back to the whole cardigan. 

Maria has drawn inspiration from Retro Child fashion to the cardigan's look, and the result is both feminine and sweet. Like the Elsemaries Sweater, large sticks have also been used, making the jacket more clear for less experienced knitters who would like to challenge themselves with new knitting techniques.

The Ingeborg Cardigan is knitted in two strands Easy Care Classic. It gives the cardigan plenty of fullness and at the same time highlights the individual stitches and the structure of the pearl knit. Share your version of the cardigan with the tag #ingeborgcardigan. 

The Elsemaries Sweater is a beautiful and feminine sweater with great balloon sleeves with the most beautiful horizontal structural stripes.

The style of the sweater gives it a very feminine appearance, reinforced by the delicate colors that Maria has chosen to use for the sweater. At the same time, it is knitted on big sticks, so it is also a quick knitting project. A fun and easy knitting project for the impatient knitter that likes raglan sleeves. 

The elsemaries sweater is knitted in one threads Super Kid Silk and one thread Easy Care Classic. Together, this yarn combination gives a delicious sweater with a nice structural pattern and luxurious mohair fluffyness. Share with the tag #elsemariesweater. 

  • Maria Møller usually shares her creative ideas with her many followers on Instagram. Now she has expanded her creative boundaries and has helped Mayflower with designing a range of knitting patterns

    The Danish recycling shops are filled with gold grains, and they are Maria good at spotting. She has also used this ability for our creative challenge, because the creative is only getting better with the right inspiration.

    In recycling, she has found old knitting patterns, faded handicraft books and outdated women's magazines. Here you still find amazing ideas, and Maria has used it. 

    In addition to looking back in time with recycling, Maria has also picked up new impulses from Instagram. In this way, retro designs can get a fresh breath and be transformed into timeless designs.

  • Especially in recent years, child aesthetics have become modern when it comes to knitwear for adults. Suddenly we see lace, big collars and elephant hats in the street scene. 

    This was a central part of Mary's inspiration. She gathered her ideas from recycling and from Instagram on a moodboard that could help her make sketches.

    In the end, Maria has knitted samples with Mayflowers yarn types to find the right combinations so her knit could get the right expression.

    It has been a time -consuming process, but it is also worth the work. The result has been a series of recipes that fit perfectly with Mary's feminine style.