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Knitted and crocheted dishcloths have become a big hit among Danish knitters and crocheters. The popularity of homemade dishcloths and washcloths is due to their quick production and practical function. At the same time, projects involving knitted and crocheted cloths fit within a manageable budget. Using just one skein of Cotton 8/4 yarn yields 1-2 dishcloths.

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Are knitted dishcloths environmentally friendly?

Unlike many purchased dishcloths, homemade knitted dishcloths are environmentally friendly. Whereas colored, cheap disposable cloths release microplastics, the knitted cotton dishcloth is far more environmentally friendly. Microplastics contribute to ocean pollution and release harmful substances from the plastic.
The knitted dishcloth is made of traditional cotton yarn, naturally produced from the cotton plant. Choosing organic cotton yarn further helps to protect the environment.

The crocheted cloth is often overlooked

The knitted washcloth is usually mentioned when discussing homemade cloths. It's often a shame because there are just as many options for crocheted washcloths. With crochet, you get some completely different options than the knitted patterns.

What you should remember when knitting dishcloths

When choosing yarn for your knitted and crocheted dishcloths, washcloths, floor cloths, and towels, it's crucial that you choose a yarn that can be washed at 60 degrees. This is to ensure that bacteria are killed during washing. Therefore, we recommend using one of our cotton qualities, all of which can be washed at 60 degrees

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